Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Reading Game - short /u/ words

Here's an Easter-themed game I made a few years ago for my Grade 1 students, to help them practice words with the short /u/ sound.

The game can be printed on light card and laminated before use; you will also need a die and tokens or 'movers'. It will be available for free download during April (for private/educational use).

Friday, March 17, 2017

St Patricks' Day Reading Game

I haven't been able to post new games since January, due to several problems with websites, computer, file storage and inflamed tendons in my hand (due to over-use - trying to deal with all the other issues!)

I'm still not supposed to use my hand for more than 5 minutes at a time on the computer (bought a new one, much smoother and faster, but still setting it up), and I'm still dealing with the website and file storage problems, so won't be making any new games for some time.

However, I thought I'd post an old one relevant for this time of year - so here's an Irish- themed game to print and use with Sight Words cards:

 SHENANIGANS game board

Click on the picture to open the .PDF file to print/download. This game will be available for free download (for educational, non-commercial use) until mid-April.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Reading Game - Fly Away Birdies

Here's a new game I have made for the new year. We have been lucky enough to have little birds -  Pardalotes - visiting our house, and the babies have just flown the nest, so I was inspired to make a game with the theme of baby birds leaving the nest.

This game is designed to use with Sight Words cards. You can use any words that need practising. You will also need some little tokens or 'movers' and a die or spinner.

 Fly Away Birdies_ game board for word cards

Fly Away Birdies_ game board for word cards

Click on the link to open/download the .PDF file. Print the game on A4 light card and laminate before use.

The game will be available for free download (for personal/educational, non-commercial use) until the end of January.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Getting Organised for 2017 - Year Planner

Here is a year planner I have just finished for 2017.

It's easy to print on A4 as a 'diary' planner or to fold into your pocket or handbag. You can also print it in A3 size to use as a wall planner.

The basic planner only has weekends marked:

 2017 year planner - blank

The Australian Planner has national public holidays marked in:

 2017 year planner_Australia

I hope you find this useful!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Printable Reading Games for Holidays

As the Christmas holidays are fast approaching, I thought I'd better post a couple of games for children to use with their Sight Words cards.

These games can both be printed/copied cheaply in black and white* for children to take home over the holidays. Children will need some Sight Words cards, movers and a die or spinner to play the games. *The Santa Words (B&W) game can also be coloured in.


SANTA WORDS  (black & white)

Here is a colour version of Santa Words:

Click on the links to open a .PDF document that you can print. These games are free for you to download and use for private/educational (strictly non- commercial) use. They will be available for download during the rest of December and the beginning of January.

 ☺ Wishing everyone Happy Holidays 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Printable Game for Sight Words Practice - "Drive Time"

I made this game to appeal to my boys, using car stickers. I've scanned it and made it into a printable PDF document, so if you like you can print it onto light card and laminate before use. You'll also need whatever Sight Words cards you want your students to practise, and movers/dice to play the game.

Click on the link above to open the .pdf document. You can download this game for free (for personal/educational, non-commercial use) until the beginning of December.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Boo! game for /oo/ pattern

October has crept up sneakily and I haven't posted a game for a month now... so here's one I've been using with my students to help them learn the '/oo/ as in boot' pattern - and it can double as a 'Halloween theme' game if you like.

Boo game

It's quick to play and cheap to print; you'll just need light card to print on and a die and 'movers' or tokens. Laminate the board before use for best results.

This game will  be available for free download until the start of November, and as usual it's for private/educational, non-commercial use. Click on the 'Boo game' link above to open the .PDF file to print.